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Who We Are




An illustration of a set of three concentric circles with words describing Upaya's “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHAT”


Ultimately, I enjoy spreading curiosity…and I would say for a mix of two reasons. Curiosity cannot only lead you to connection as you meet others who sincerely pursue truth…After all, you can’t really be looking at truth unless it actually connects you back to the rest of the world in some way to begin with. 


The way in which I go about doing all of these things is with Foolosophy for maintaining my own Peace of Mind, and Light Trolling for frosting enjoyable and engaging relationships with others…this amounts to a blend of Philosophy, Psychology, Science, and shenanigans. 


I do things like sit in my Foolosophy room weekday afternoons, doing things like asking people the 5 Stupid Questions, or I take field trips to other echo chambers to study other Bad Ideas… I also like having even deeper discussions with more sincere people like we’re doing Here and Now. And I try to do a healthy dose of brainwashing after a day of fooling around trying to get Good Work done. 

Kae of Eventide

An illustration of a set of three concentric circles with words describing Kärmehen's “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHAT”


I keep a close eye on my shadow side, as I find it imperative to know what stalls me. There's no going forward without taking stock of what makes one stumble. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. My aim is to improve my weaknesses and in that way, help others do the same. We all have that work to do, at one point or another - the human condition touches all.


Kindness, humour in good faith and listening goes a long 

way. But you need to give that to yourself as well. Healing goes both ways… True selfishness in daily decisions helps everyone.


I write a lot of things to myself. Rarely in my native language though, as I'm fond of English. My notebook is always with me. I draw. I enjoy building new skills, channels to let out my creativity. I like learning. I also enjoy talking and connecting with people online, both friends and strangers.

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