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"Fools learn where the angels fear to tread"

Starry Sky

There are many ways in which we can engage in discussions. Here are our house rules for the Zenposium discussions, so put on your thinking cap and let's see where this rabbit hole takes us!

Open discussions

These discussions are free-for-all, but with a bit of structure. Everyone is welcome to participate, and the person who posed the question will moderate to keep things on track. Think of it as a lively town hall meeting, but with less shouting (we hope). So get ready to speak your mind and hear what others have to say!

Closed discussions

These are more like a guided tour, led by someone who knows the way - an expedition to uncover hidden treasures of knowledge. The conversation leader will call on people who have questions, and the group will work together to uncover answers. So grab your adventurer's hat and let's explore!

Street Epistemology (SE) Discussions

These are like a game of 20 questions, but with deeper implications. Led by a devil's advocate who can steel-man each argument, these discussions challenge each person's position and probe them to find out what it would take to move them in one direction or the other. It's a mental obstacle course with added flavor of introspection.


Here you'll find the proper philosophical smackdown, moderated by the person who's most disinterested and able to see the battle lines. Participants will go back and forth, defending their positions and trying to persuade others. It's a battle of wits, but with fewer swords (unless you count verbal ones). So bring your A-game and let's get ready to rumble!


Remember, the rules of respectful communication, open-mindedness, thoughtful responses, constructive criticism, confidentiality, inclusivity, and moderation still apply to all types of discussions. So let's keep things interesting and civil while not forgetting to have fun!

White Pillars

Discussion Theme:
Meaning and Purpose

Meaning and Purpose are concepts that have intrigued humanity since the dawn of reflective thought. They are foundational to our existence, intertwined in our daily lives and our long-term ambitions, shaping our choices, values, and identities. The pursuit of understanding these themes has occupied philosophers, psychologists, theologians, and even astrophysicists for countless years, and yet, definitive answers remain as elusive as ever. Over the next few meetings, Zenposium will be journeying to unravel the intricacies of Meaning and Purpose.


One of the most captivating aspects of Meaning and Purpose lies in their subjective nature. What gives life meaning, or what constitutes a purposeful existence, varies dramatically from person to person. For some, purpose might be rooted in personal achievement or creative expression, for others, it could be derived from serving others or seeking spiritual enlightenment. This wide spectrum of interpretations reflects the complexity and individuality of human existence.


Our understanding of Meaning and Purpose is often tested at the intersections of adversity, sparking important questions about the nature of suffering, the value of perseverance, and the potential for growth and transformation. How we respond to these challenges offers profound insights into the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit.


Finally, the interplay of Meaning and Purpose with our consciousness - the theme we explored last month - invites deep questions. How does our consciousness, our sense of self, and our perception of reality influence our quest for meaning and purpose? These themes are inextricably linked, and the exploration of one naturally leads to the questioning of the other.


As we navigate through the upcoming weeks, we invite you to join us in this exploration of Meaning and Purpose. We'll dive into philosophical discourses, scientific theories, cultural perspectives, and personal narratives. We hope that, together, we can bring some clarity to these complex concepts, and perhaps even inspire each other in our individual journeys towards understanding and fulfillment. Welcome to a month of Meaning and Purpose with Zenposium.

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Let’s Work Together

-ZENPOSIUM thematic discussions-

We meet every Sunday between 16:00 - 18:00 UTC

Are you interested in joining our next discussion? Check out our Discord, suggest your questions and hop in!

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