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The Light Troll Toolbox


   While trolling is a performance art, for the sake of getting the ideas to fit on a more static webpage, it can be thought of as a craft, and one to be performed by a skilled artisan. In this analogy, just as a skilled carpenter can make quality cabinets with the appropriate tools out of the appropriate wood, a skilled Light Troll, with the appropriate tools can make quality lulz out of the appropriate memes.

Three superheroes waiting in starting positions of a track with Batman saying: “I’m Batman” and the other superheroes confused by this

The Light Troll’s character is kept in the smallest drawer of the tool box. This is because the Light Troll knows it’s important to keep one’s character simple in order to open one up to acquire the largest body of knowledge possible The Light Troll knows that when trying to have I to I interactions, the fewer of our little attachments and character embellishments we bring to the meeting, the easier making the connection will be.

A light brown antique compass on an old fashioned map

The Golden Rule or Little Tao is a mental tool for managing our intentions by helping us to orient ourselves in the world and relate to it, and the “ideologies and religions” of the world are the bodies of knowledge we’ve collected with that process (which is analogous to having an almost magic compass that can tell where you ought to go)

A set of antiquated drill bits on a table with an old drill set down next to them

The Bit will be a shorthand counterintuitive platitude that the Troll will not only keep in mind themselves, but that they can also use as a puzzle to hand to others so they can correct for when their intuition might let them down as well.

A chisel on a table with a bunch of wood shavings

“The Socratic Chisel” is the name for the process of dealing with misconceptions through a process of finding the next most appropriate question for the topic under discussion.

A pair of compasses on a table atop an old styled map

This time we are thinking of a “compass” from geometry class. Just as the Compass can be use to choose a point, and ascribe an appropriate circle around it, the Layman’s compass can be used for when a point has been missed, and it might be necessary to talk in circles around the point until it is finally well defined enough for the topic at hand.

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