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The Bit 


   The Bit will be a shorthand counterintuitive platitude that the troll will not only keep in mind themselves, but that they can also use as a puzzle to hand to others so they can correct for when their intuition might let them down as well.

   What I’ve just described is more of a “Heuristic”, but when it becomes a true Bit is when you’ve mastered sharing the bit with others. First off, being that they are counter intuitive and about subjects people care about, there is a time and place. Don’t misunderstand, there is certainly a way to lighten any mood, but that doesn’t mean EVERY Bit is appropriate for EVERY occasion.

   Let’s use another Scientific Bit of mine as an example, “we DON’T have an overpopulation problem”. When I find myself in a conversation with someone who is trying to think of new ways to form, power, and feed our communities, what they are really trying to alleviate are our “population density” issues. When they say “overpopulation” there is no real need to make the semantic correction until they get into the marketing of the solution. On the other hand, when I hear a conversation start down Bill Burr’s path of “We need to get rid of 80% of the population”, I’ll start off on that bit. Once I’ve got their attention, as they form their ridicule of my stupidity, I’ll start pointing out that enough sunlight hits Louisiana to power the entire globe, or that we already have enough inhabited land to allot 2 acres for every citizen of the globe (an 8 acre estate for a 4 person family), or that we waste the VAST majority of our food feeding it to our food... which tends to lead in the direction of “well then why is the environment deteriorating, and our resources are dwindling?” To which my reply is generally along the lines of “because the entire population is trying to figure out how to get into the 20% of ‘survivors’ from one calamity or another, instead of cooperating to improve the paradigm for the entire population (of which, most of that population we tend to think of as PART of the environment)”. From this example we can see that while you can come up with Bits on any number of topics, that doesn’t mean that they need to be shared EVERY time they are relevant to the discussion, and even when they are, a Light Troll wants to be well practiced enough to deliver the bit in a succinct enough way to get the message across, and get the conversation back on it’s original track.

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