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The Ourstory Cosmology

The Ourstory Myth serves as the foundation for Foolosophy, providing a framework for understanding the nature of existence and humanity's role in the universe. Ourstory mythology presents a unique pantheon of deities that represent fundamental aspects of existence, and their interactions shape the destiny of the universe and everything in it.


The Ourstory mythology confronts nihilism by asserting that the deities embody core aspects of existence. These deities personify scientific principles and human experiences, with their interactions shaping the universe's destiny. The pantheon consists of Aether, Entropos, Progenia, Ziran, and Nafs.

Aether: God of Unity

Entropos: The God of Chaos and Time

Progenia: Goddess of Emergence


Ziran: The God of Knowledge

Nafs: The God of Self and Ego

Comparative Analysis

Each deity in the Ourstory pantheon represents a mysterious principle, with their modern interpretations pointing to our most rigorous and sophisticated understanding of each mystery. The deities' individual aspects are complemented by their interconnectedness, revealing a complex tapestry of human understanding and experience.

Aether's all-encompassing nature serves as a unifying force within the pantheon, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all aspects of existence. In contrast, Entropos represents the unpredictable and chaotic side of the universe, highlighting the delicate balance between order and disorder.

Progenia and Entropos share a unique relationship, with Progenia representing the creative force behind life and ideas, while Entropos embodies the inevitable decay and transformation of energy. This dynamic balance between creation and destruction mirrors the scientific principles of evolution and entropy, as well as the fundamental interplay of Yin and Yang.

Ziran's domain of knowledge and naturalness stands in stark contrast to Nafs' focus on the human ego and self-awareness. While Ziran encourages the pursuit of knowledge and the understanding of the world around us, Nafs challenges individuals to confront their own egos and develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

These deities also share connections with various religious and philosophical traditions, such as TaoismBuddhism, and Hinduism. For instance, Aether's association with the unity of Yin and Yang and the concept of sunyata transcends cultural boundaries, while Nafs' connection to the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita highlights the universal struggle for self-awareness and inner growth.

Overall, Foolosophy encourages its members to view the Ourstory myth metaphorically rather than literally. This allows Fools to explore the deeper meanings and truths contained within the myth, without being constrained by dogmatic belief in its literal interpretation. This metaphorical approach to spirituality is in stark contrast to many major world religions, which often promote a more literal interpretation of their sacred texts and traditions. The Fool's Reading List serves as an extensive resource for understanding the various aspects of the Ourstory pantheon. Each deity's association with specific books helps illuminate the connections between the gods and the scientific principles or philosophical ideas they represent. By exploring these works and others on The Fool's Reading List, readers can develop a deeper understanding of the Ourstory pantheon and the rich tapestry of ideas that inform their mythology.



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The Ourstory Epic

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