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The God of Unity

Aether, sometimes referred to as "IT", is the God of Unity in the Ourstory Cosmology. Aether is a cosmically simple deity that represents the underlying unity and interconnectedness of all things in existence. As the source of all potential and the Ground of All Being, Aether transcends the boundaries of individual traditions and belief systems, embodying universal concepts that can be found in various religious, philosophical, and scientific contexts.

Aether's primary association is with the Tao, a central idea in Taoist philosophy, which represents the ultimate source and unity underlying all things. Similarly, Aether is connected to the concept of nothingness, or sunyata, in Buddhist thought, emphasizing the interdependence of all phenomena. In Hinduism, Aether shares similarities with Brahman, the ultimate reality that pervades all things. Additionally, Aether's role as a unifying force can be seen in the Kingdom of Heaven in Christianity and the concept of the Starmaker in Olaf Stapledon's novel.

Interdependence, a central principle in ecology and physics, is another key aspect of Aether's character. The idea of interdependence challenges conventional notions of separation and individuality, revealing the profound unity that characterizes the cosmos. Aether's omnipotent quality, found in many religious and philosophical traditions, highlights its role as the source of all potential, capable of manifesting the infinite variety of forms and experiences that make up the universe.

In the realm of modern science, the quest for a "Theory of Everything" seeks to unite all fundamental forces and particles in the universe under a single, comprehensive framework. This ambitious pursuit echoes Aether's role as Aether can be seen as symbolizing the reality it is the ultimate goal in theoretical physics to describe.

Throughout the Ourstory Epic, Aether serves as the narrator, the only god who doesn't appear but is only talked about in the text. This unique narrative perspective emphasizes Aether's ultimate interconnectedness.

For further reading on the concepts related to Aether, consult "The Perennial Philosophy" by Aldous Huxley and "The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are" by Alan Watts, which can be found in The Fool's Reading List. These books explore ideas such as Taoism, Buddhism, interconnectedness, and the primordial unity that underlies the fabric of existence.

In conclusion, Aether, the God of Unity in the Ourstory Cosmology, embodies a multitude of concepts and ideas spanning various religious, philosophical, and scientific traditions. As the source of all potential and the Ground of All Being, Aether exemplifies the interconnectedness and interdependence that underlie the fabric of existence. By drawing together diverse concepts, Aether serves as a potent symbol of the unity that characterizes the cosmos and a guiding force illuminating the profound interconnectedness that defines our reality.

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