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Foolosophy: How to troll Well


The main point of this book as far as I’m concerned is so I can get your money. I’ve found the best way to get money from people is to figure out what you can do well and enjoy doing that is of enough value to others that they WANT to pay you to do it. Of the things people have said they’d appreciate from me, writing a book sounds like the most fun. Since that suggestion always comes after I’ve shared a hot take on some new situation presented to me, I assume it’s not the body of knowledge I have that people are asking for (spend enough time on Wikipedia and YouTube, and you could EASILY catch up to me in knowledge). Instead what they’re really looking for is my frame of mind around the topic. Most of the time I don’t use my own data, but I collect the data from the person asking my opinion, and I base my judgments off that. This means that I’m rarely operating with any information the other person doesn’t already have. That implies that it’s the processing of the information that they must be finding useful. This means it’s not knowledge, but a mindset that I am selling you.

“Upaya is joking, or he’s stupid... either way, don’t get triggered.”

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